About Us

Why trust Us with you business?


I have literally been there, done that. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 15 (funny story btw). I’ve raised millions, lost fortunes, and somehow stayed sane throughout. My purpose is to help founders navigate those difficult waters. All the potholes I encountered along the way seem obvious now in hindsight but now I can help you swerve and jump them.

Award Winning

In almost every way it doesn’t matter, but I’ve won over 40 business awards. local, national, and global that were all team-won. When my 2nd startup Vearsa won the Deloitte Fast-50 in Ireland with 3500%+ growth over 3 years, we were so lean that I was the only team member there and I had to rent my tux! Good times! But  awards are useful validation of performance that can help you hire and raise funds.

The Process

Discovery Meeting

At this stage we want to listen. A 1 hour meeting where you explain the business idea, your backgrounds, mission and values. Who and what your business is.

Draft Deck

In a matter of days we will deliver a first draft of the deck for you and your team to review. This won’t be pretty but it will have the core content of the final deck.

Team Meeting Review

Midway through the process we pause and take the time to get everyone’s feedback on the progress so far.

This builds bot consensus and buy in.

Final Delivery

At the end of the process you will get a beautifully designed deck, engineered to excite and interest investors, customers and team members alike,

Your Vision. Our Mission.

Collaboration is key

Translating your vision into a coherent investment story is not easy.

The deck has to be a reflection of you, your team and the business opportunity. Authenticity matters. 

Meet our clients

We would be nothing without our clients. We are proud to have worked with these clients over the years.

Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together