Honest, Innovative Leadership

I have been fortunate that my career today has allowed me to build a unique skill set. As well as being a proven sales leader with exceptional results I also clearly understand the intersection between technology and business. Technology is an enabler to business strategy but can also be transformative. I have a long track record of delivering value and real, demonstrable revenue growth to companies at all levels - startup, SME and mature. Below are some examples.

If you are interested in my consulting services or perhaps have advisory board or corporate board vacancies please contact me.


Mature - Vearsa

I founded Vearsa in 2009 and grew the company from concept right through to a mature, profitable business.

Along the way I personally sold our platform to over 200 publishing companies and transformed the company from SME sales to large, corporate sales. I also led the drive to raise over $8m in funding.

Notable successes include Deloitte fast 50 winner in 2015, demonstrating over 300% growth per annum, Company of the year honors in 2016 and much more. I’m particularly proud of the colleagues who joined me, most of whom have had hugely successful careers thereafter.

I’ve walked the walk as an Entrepreneur and look forward to helping Founders grow their businesses.

Scaling - Recipe Guru

Recipe Guru is a startup focused on providing real-time, custom food content to major brands like Bosch, GE, LG and more. The initial engagement was designed to refine the business model, identify potential customers and provide introductions to key industry leaders.

Due to the success Recipe Guru invited me to join the board. Notable successes include architecturing and implementing a new technology solution, new major international customers, over 100% revenue growth and the fantastic founder Niamh Sterling won Barclaycard Business Woman of the Year UK 2018.


FinPro Logo.png

Early stage - FinPro

Working closely with the founder we spent considerable time refining the business model to identify the real requirements of the customer. We also were very cognizant of the company’s need to satisfy National Central Bank requirements. This very detail orientated project was tough but we structured it well and delivered on time.

While still in it’s infancy Finpro has the potential to revolutionize financial services in Europe.