Who Am I?


I am currently Vice President of Global Channel Sales at Wiley - the oldest publisher in the United States and a fantastic place to work. I’m currently responsible for strategically managing all our third party vendors internationally including the likes of Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google etc.

My career in Publishing began in 2009 when my wife bought me one of the early eReaders - a Sony PRS-505.  I was immediately hooked and re-discovered my love of reading. Books were a huge part of my life as a child and teenager - a real escape and a window to many worlds. Technology was also a large influence - building PC's as a teenager and interested in all the new innovations coming out in the 80's and 90's.

eBooks were a perfect storm for me- books and technology combined. In 2009 I began plans to launch one of the first eBook stores outside the US - Directebooks.com. Quickly however, it was apparent that publishers needed more help on a basic level in order to be able to get their eBooks to market.

So I spent all of 2010 building Vearsa - an online eBook distribution platform that would allow publishers to distribute their eBooks effortlessly. Vearsa also provided cutting edge big data services to major publishers such as Penguin Random House, Macmillan and Harper Collins. Built on the best technology, innovation focused and built from the ground up for publishers we had great success. The company raised over $8m in VC and private funding. In 2017 I sold my shareholding and found a great home at Wiley.


I'm passionate about start-ups and technology. I love helping start-ups and watching the growth from concept to minimum viable product and subsequently to growth. I focus particularly on SaaS based, scalable businesses and I love the fact you can now build a world class business from your garage or a small town in Ireland.

I sit on a number of boards and help founders navigate the day to day challenges of entrepreneurship while never losing sight of the big picture.


I'm hugely proud to be the father of three great boys and husband to a very patient, beautiful wife. I live in Westport, Connecticut.

Connemara in Galway is where I feel most at home. (That's the picture up top- Caribbean quality beaches, Irish quality weather.)